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"I love this product! I've noticed a significant reduction in cellulite and a slimming effect on my waistline after using it twice daily for two months. It's an investment, but the results are visible and very pleasing."

Michelle Thomson (USA)

"Absolutely stellar results! It took about six weeks before I noticed changes, but once they started, they were undeniable. My legs look smoother and more toned. This cream has been the only product that has made a noticeable difference for my stubborn cellulite."

Charlotte Leclercq (Belgium)

"ShapeAccelerator has definitely made a difference in my skincare routine. While the results weren't immediate, after about six weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of my cellulite. It's a gradual process, but worth the wait!"

Léa Dubois (France)

"I was skeptical at first, but after using ShapeAccelerator consistently for two months, I'm amazed at the results! My cellulite has visibly reduced, and my skin looks and feels firmer. I highly recommend giving it a try!"

Maria Jacobs (Belgium)

Our Technology

Recent Findings Uncover Surprising Properties of Fat Cells

Recent research highlights surprising properties of fat cells, specifically white and brown adipocytes. White cells store fat, while brown cells burn it for heat. Recent discoveries challenge the belief that brown cells are only in babies. White cells can transform into beige cells in response to cold, enhancing thermoregulation. This 'browning' process is a remarkable adaptation of adipose tissue.

Shape Accelerator Cream: Waist & Abdomen Reduction

In a comprehensive eight-week study, participants* applied the Shape Accelerator Cream to their waist and abdomen areas twice daily. The study's findings revealed notable improvements in both waist and abdomen measurements after only four weeks of use:

  • Waist: Reduced by approximately 0.87 inches after 4 weeks and 1.34 inches after 8 weeks.
  • Abdomen: Reduced by approximately 1.26 inches after 4 weeks and 1.61 inches after 8 weeks.

These findings demonstrate the supportive nature of Shape Accelerator Cream in promoting a more contoured appearance in the waist and abdomen areas.

*The efficacy of Shape Accelerator Cream was assessed in a study conducted with 18 female participants aged 21 to 54 (average age: 42.3 years) who presented cellulite on the waist and abdomen.

Supporting Skin Health

Cellulite is commonly associated with changes in the skin's structure, resulting in a dimpled appearance. In an extensive eight-week study, participants* consistently applied Shape Accelerator Cream to one thigh while using a placebo on the other.

The study's findings revealed that Shape Accelerator Cream contributed to improved skin health by promoting a more even skin texture.

A reduction in the appearance of space between skin layers was observed:

  • Approximately 16.6% improvement after 4 weeks
  • Approximately 18.2% improvement after 8 weeks

These results highlight the beneficial effects of Shape Accelerator Cream on supporting skin texture.

*The impact on skin texture was assessed in a study conducted with 18 female participants aged 21 to 54 (average age: 42.3 years) who presented with cellulite on the thighs (Curri grades II and III).